About Belmont Nazarene

windowAt Belmont Nazarene we value our Nazarene heritage, but we also know that more people are finding themselves uncomfortable or simply uninterested in belonging to a particular church denomination.

At Belmont we value a simple approach to being the church.  Our Sunday morning service is as simple and as concise as possible while still allowing for opportunity to participate together in greeting, song, prayer, and teaching from God’s word-the Bible.

We value all people and all ages.  Children join us during our worship gathering, and we don’t mind the occasional bustle they bring.

We intentionally value simplicity in our gathering and planning- with the hope it will allow God’s people to intentionally live and act out their faith in the places that they spend most of their time such as at work, home and school.

We value relationships.  We encourage each and every person who calls Belmont Nazarene their church to join up with a small group of people in pursuit of living out the gospel in their homes and neighborhoods.  Small groups are unique and customized to each setting in which they exist.

If you’d like to learn more about Belmont Nazarene, contact us here:

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