About Belmont Nazarene


At Belmont Nazarene we value our Nazarene heritage, but we also know that outward appearances aren’t the focus. To follow Jesus means we undergo an inward revolution of our character and heart.

We are an elder/team led church with four bi-vocational pastors who share the teaching role together on a rotational schedule.   Our mission is “to live interactively with Jesus Christ through scripture and prayer filled community.”

On a typical Sunday we meet at 9:30 am for a little more than an hour with a variety of ages and stages all present for our worship service.  A typical Sunday flow looks like this:  Call to worship, singing, time for reflection/confession/prayer, kid’s worship time, teaching or communion and a short time for reflection or discussion or community after the service.

We have found that by mixing the ages and generations together for worship we grow and learn from God in surprisingly new and beautiful ways.  Kid’s worship time often brings adults and kids together to talk, share stories, and learn from each other on some of the biggest questions we all face in life.

If something different is what you are looking for or needing, we’d love to have you join us.

If you’d like to learn more about Belmont Nazarene, contact us here:

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