Living interactively with Jesus because salvation is a life.

We are a simple church with a simple plan. We focus on living interactively with Jesus through scripture and prayer filled community. You are invited to an abundant and interactive life with God.

Doing church a little differently

simple-church2“We exist to live interactively with Jesus Christ through scripture and prayer filled community.”

If you are curious about doing church a little differently, you’ll find us doing just that at Belmont | Naz.  We take a different approach to being the church.  You won’t find a lot of traditional church programming or attempts at being entertaining at our church, but you will find elders and a church family who are seriously seeking to be students of Jesus, learning how to live life with God in all the details of daily living.  Read more about us here:  What is simple church?

Please note we’ve made a few changes due to covid-19 in accordance with city/county guidance in regard to face coverings, distancing and more.  At this time we are not offering nursery and encourage families to all join the service and sit together.  We have always been intergenerational and children are vital to and included in our time together.  We aren’t bothered by the bustle they bring to our gathering.

Join us Sundays at 9:30 am to participate. We are currently studying Jesus as teacher in the gospel of Matthew.  We often speak of accepting Jesus as savior, but we rarely speak of accepting Jesus as our teacher.  Matthew explicitly highlights what Jesus taught.   What distinguishes the present time is that there is a lot more information (and misinformation) available than ever before, and a lot of people are trying to sell it to us. What happens to Jesus in the crush of the information pushers? Unfortunately, he is usually pushed aside. Many Christians do not even think of him as one with reliable information about their lives. Consequently they do not become his students.  We believe Jesus brings us the most reliable information about our lives in this world and he offers us an invitation to a spiritual home from which our hearts are fully cared for and from which we can freely love and care for others around us.  Where is your spiritual home?  Will you join us to consider what Jesus teaches?

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