Living interactively with Jesus because salvation is a life.

We are a simple church with a simple plan. We focus on living interactively with Jesus through scripture and prayer filled community. You are invited to an abundant and interactive life with God.

Doing church a little differently

“We are a family learning to live interactively with Jesus Christ through scripture and prayer filled community.”

If you are curious about doing church a little differently, you’ll find us doing just that at Belmont | Naz.  We take a different approach to being the church. Our simple and family inclusive service happens each week at 9:30am and we’re a church family who are seriously seeking to be students of Jesus and to search for God everywhere in our lives.  Read more about us here:  About Belmont | Naz

We are truly an intergenerational church and at this time we are not offering nursery and we encourage families to all join the service together.  We have always been intergenerational and children are vital to and included in our time together.  We aren’t bothered by the bustle they bring to our gathering.

Join us Sundays at 9:30 am to participate. Our theme as a church for 2022 is ‘Life with God’, as we receive the promise that God is with us. We’re exploring the gospel of John and taking time to be reintroduced to Jesus through his own words. Simply having confidence in Jesus leads us into life with God. And this life is abundant. We get to participate in the eternal and uncreated life of God himself through Jesus and for the first time we experience our true home and a heart that can rest. Is your heart reached and eternally cared for? This is your invitation to come and join us! 

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