Living interactively with Jesus because salvation is a life.

We are a simple church with a simple plan. We focus on living interactively with Jesus through scripture and prayer filled community. You are invited to an abundant and interactive life with God.

Doing church a little differently

simple-church2“We exist to live interactively with Jesus Christ through scripture and prayer filled community.”

If you are curious about doing church a little differently, you’ll find us doing just that at Belmont | Naz.  We take a different approach to being the church.  You won’t find a lot of traditional church programming or attempts at being entertaining at our church, but you will find elders and a church family who are seriously seeking to be students of Jesus, learning how to live life with God in all the details of daily living.  Read more about us here:  What is simple church?

Please note that we are not meeting physically for services at the present time and are utilizing other tools to connect as a community.  We invite you to contact us if you are interested in joining us and we will provide information to help you connect.  We are a small community and we plan to continue to interact in an online meeting style format for our gatherings over the next few weeks.

Join us Sundays at 9:30 am to participate. We are currently contemplating the invitation Jesus gives each one of us in John 16:33.  He says ‘take heart’.  These two words contain an invitation to abundant life on the grandest of scale.  They reveal that a thriving and abundant inner life is available to anyone who seeks it.  As we slowly take time to meditate on Jesus life and ministry during this season we will ask ourselves if our inner life (heart) is really alive, is it beating?  We’ll also ask hard questions about who and what is forming us into the person that we are and are becoming.  How’s your inner life?  Will you join us on this journey?

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