Tired? Burned out? Disconnected?

So were we. At Belmont | Naz we are a church ready to help you re-engage with faith and re-locate yourself into God's story. But we keep it simple.

Re-locate yourself into God’s Story

simple-church2“To BE and MAKE disciples of Jesus Christ in authentic community for the good of the world.”

If you are skeptical of Christianity or just need a place of simplicity to be around others as you explore questions and doubts we invite you to participate [directions to our church] with us.

At Belmont Nazarene we are simple.  We gather together to retell the saving events of God each Sunday. We realize that as busy and hurried people we can easily become dislocated from God as we live and work during the week. Sunday morning is an opportunity to relocate ourselves back into God and His story. We gather each week to participate together in attributing worth to Jesus.

Join us Sundays at 10:45 to participate. We are currently exploring the Gospel of Mark.


Mark:  An identity mystery

The Gospel of Mark presents the reader with a true identity mystery.  We the reader are privileged from the book’s beginning to know the divine nature of the main character -Jesus.  As we’ll find though, the other people in Jesus’ day weren’t so lucky and had to grapple with the mysterious message he taught and the  great power and authority he demonstrated.   As we read several times, the question ‘who is this man?’ becomes common.

Those who were with Jesus desperately wanted him to be the conquering king expected from long ago.  The one who would overthrow the oppression of Rome and make the Jewish nation the ultimate kingdom of God.  Jesus though brings another message, a mysterious paradox is soon to unfold.  The great kingdom will come, but be hidden.  The kingdom he is bringing conquers not through military might or political powers, but rather through serving,  suffering, death and ultimately his resurrection.  The reader is left with a decision to make.  Is this Jesus the promised Messiah, or is he a fraud and to be done away withWho do you say that he is?


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