What is Simple Church?

Simple church is well…simple.  We are a church led by bi-vocational pastors and volunteers and we are the church together.

There are many ways to ‘do’ and ‘be’ the church and we know that many people have been burned out or simply become disconnected from church.  We felt the same way.  This is where our vision of being a ‘simple church’ was born.

We take a different approach to being the church. We worship together each week as a small, multi-generational and family inclusive community. Children above nursery age join us during our worship service [please note: right now due to covid-19 we are not offering a nursery, families are encouraged to all join the service together] and participate in and contribute to our time together. Our time together can often feel more like a family living room-with some noise and bustle just like at home, but we’ve found that God does beautiful things with this mixture of ages and stages of life all in one room.

You won’t find a lot of traditional church programming or attempts at being entertaining at our church, but you will find elders and a church family who are seriously seeking to be students of Jesus, learning how to live life with God in all the details of daily living.

More than anything we seek to become people who are transformed from the inside out into the character of Jesus. Since this happens through training and not by willpower or trying harder, we are intentionally simple in order to create space where we can place ourselves before God to learn to receive His grace (action) in our lives.

If something different is what you are looking for or needing, we’d love to have you join us.

Our mission can be described by these three steps…Love God, Love Others, Serve the World.

Love God:  Loving God and learning to be in His presence is the focus of our Sunday Morning gathering.  We study scripture, pray, reflect, learn about spiritual formation, ask big questions and include everyone young and old along the way.

Love Others:  Loving and knowing others and living in community is an important part of a journey of faith.  We encourage everyone to find ways, large or small, to plug into ‘doing life’ with others.  We believe spiritual friendship is a wonderful way we can learn to receive God into our lives.  This may be through a small group, a book study, or simply a shared meal together.

Serve the World:  To follow Jesus is to serve others.  Even though we live in a culture of ‘extreme busyness’  we aren’t exempt from Jesus’ call to serve and love all those around us.  We serve together not out of obligation but rather out of a natural overflow of what God is doing in us as we become transformed from the inside out to love like Jesus did.  We recognize that every person has a gift or talent that God will use for his Glory.

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