What is Simple Church?

Simple church is well…simple.  We are a church led by bi-vocational pastors and volunteers and we are the church together.

There are many ways to ‘do’ and ‘be’ the church and we know that many people have been burned out or simply become disconnected from church.  We felt the same way.  This is where our vision of being a ‘simple church’ was born.  We are a people who have become dislocated in our culture of busyness and distraction and keeping church simple has allowed us to, as we say, ‘re-locate’ ourselves back into the story of God.  It’s time to remove distractions.   We do this by putting the time and energy we do have into a serious effort to attribute worth to Jesus through simple but timeless acts of worship, remembrance, and participation together each Sunday.

Our worship services focus on re-telling the saving events of God and re-locating ourselves into His Story.  We aren’t a church focused on doing lots and lots of things, but rather doing a few things better and better.

Our mission can be described by these three steps…Love God, Love Others, Serve the World.

Love God:  Loving God is the focus of our Sunday Morning gathering.  We study scripture often one book at a time and take our time in understanding its context.  We often find that there are fresh and unexpected things to be found in God’s word and that many of us have never had the time to thoroughly read and take in what the Bible says.  What it contains will very much surprise you.

Our Sunday morning gathering is a time for participation for everyone and kids are included in our worship service.  We sing, pray, fellowship, and study together at 9:30 am each Sunday.

Love Others:  Loving and knowing others and living in community is an important part of a journey of faith.  We encourage everyone to find ways, large or small, to plug into ‘doing life’ with others.  This may be through a small group, a class, or simply a shared meal together.

Serve the World:  To follow Jesus is to serve others.  Even though we live in a culture of ‘extreme busyness’  we aren’t exempt from Jesus’ call to serve and love all those around us.  We serve together as a part of our participation in the story of God.  We recognize that every person has a gift or talent that God will use for his Glory.  We commit to serving together.

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